An English Presentation of The Lobotomy 

”Det Hvide Snit”, ”The Lobotomy”, is one of the oldest and most experienced improgroups in Denmark. We have since 1987 clearly put our mark on the Danish improscene by having contributed a countless amount of ideas, talking both about shape and contents. From the traditional theatersport-performance to the very “nude”form where the stories are created in a teamwork between the actors and the audience – here and now.

“Det Hvide Snit” was in the year 2000 having the pleasure to be inlisted in Guinness Book of Records. We played a scene for 24 hours, named “The world will explode in 24 hours”.

“The Yellow Line” is the newest example of our attemps to new the impro-world. This new genre is a naked form of improvisation where the actors only can react on sounds, words and movements from the room which later will be interpreted on stage.

“The Hvide Snit” have been trained by the following personalities from the international improinviroment: Charna Halpern, Bill Chott, Scot Robinson, Hernán Gené, Johnny Melville, Roland Trescher, Philip Gaulier, Keith Johnstone,  Jet Eveleth and Randy Dixon.